Steve and Linda discuss how a safety neighbor alerts drivers of a possible pothole peril. There’s not a dry eye in Leaky Basement Studios when a sled dog who isn’t quite up to racing moves the Pacific Northwest. She is missed by her pack who sends her postcards on twitter. Lastly, we discuss how an infiltration of dockless scooters amuse and infuriate the locals in Arlington, Virginia.

The Whole Cloth:

A friendly neighbor makes it on two different feeds (Reddit and Nextdoor) as the Redditt MVP.













WANKSY – Manchester England- drew penises and found faster fixes.



Linda’s Quick Stitch

Linda heard of a thread on Pop Culture Happy Hour  by Blair Braverman about her dog, Glory, that moved west because she was not that into racing. Her pack writes her postcards on Twitter which Blair translates. Get your tissues ready. #GloryGoesWest

Bill Braverman - Welcome to the Goddamn Ice cube


Steve’s Quick Stitch:

Steve got this thread from a co-worker about how Bird placed dozens of dockless scooters around Arlington, VA without asking the city.   The locals are wondering who thought this was a good idea?

Bird’s Dockless Electric Scooters Now Available in Arlington









Shout out to Sam and Ross Like Things from who we stole their show format. Thanks guys!