Episode 9: the Festival Episode. Linda and Steve, ponder the HOT showers at Coachella, a festival for one in a Wal*Mart parking lot and a finger lickin’ bad Ultra Music Festival Stunt. You’re invited to this party!

Steve’s Quick Stitch

Happy Coachella

Linda’s Quick Stitch

When Life Hands You a Pringles Can, Fill it With Chardonnay!

Whole Cloth

Colonel Sanders | UMF

KFC bought Colonel Sanders a slot on the Ultra Music Festival mainstage, and this happened. 🐔🥚😂 | 📹: 1001Tracklists

Posted by The Festive Owl on Friday, March 29, 2019

Back Stitch

Lumpy, 3,000-Year-Old Cheese Recovered From Egyptian Tomb

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Coupon Code: EPIC50

..and we’re back. Season 2 begins with Episode 8. Florida Man is a neck above the rest – meta-sweaters and a bronze selfie causes a stir but what will people say in 200 years?

Whole Cloth – Mugshot – huge neck

Steve Quick Stick

Guy knits sweaters of places, events then takes picture of that place event with sweater on

Linda Quick Stick – Statue of selfies