Steve and Linda discuss how a safety neighbor alerts drivers of a possible pothole peril. There’s not a dry eye in Leaky Basement Studios when a sled dog who isn’t quite up to racing moves the Pacific Northwest. She is missed by her pack who sends her postcards on twitter. Lastly, we discuss how an infiltration of dockless scooters amuse and infuriate the locals in Arlington, Virginia.

The Whole Cloth:

A friendly neighbor makes it on two different feeds (Reddit and Nextdoor) as the Redditt MVP.













WANKSY – Manchester England- drew penises and found faster fixes.



Linda’s Quick Stitch

Linda heard of a thread on Pop Culture Happy Hour  by Blair Braverman about her dog, Glory, that moved west because she was not that into racing. Her pack writes her postcards on Twitter which Blair translates. Get your tissues ready. #GloryGoesWest

Bill Braverman - Welcome to the Goddamn Ice cube


Steve’s Quick Stitch:

Steve got this thread from a co-worker about how Bird placed dozens of dockless scooters around Arlington, VA without asking the city.   The locals are wondering who thought this was a good idea?

Bird’s Dockless Electric Scooters Now Available in Arlington









Shout out to Sam and Ross Like Things from who we stole their show format. Thanks guys!












From the capital of the first Civil War we discuss the day that was predicted to be the start of the second Civil War.  Did you get an invite? What do you wear? Is it BYOB?

Why would Karen put raisins in the potato salad? We turn to instagram for a look at some celebrity photos. One will fill your heart with happiness while the other, well let’s just say, it was a nice attempt. Who has the bigger smile Bruno or Henry?


Bruno Mars






How To Take A Good Selfie: 12 Selfie Tips To Consider



Black Jeopardy with Chadwick Boseman – SNL


#SecondCivilWar - What to Wear

















What to wear to a second civil war















We get schooled on a new (or possibly old) technique for the softest yeast rolls ever,  and Steve and Linda give a dramatic reading of this bread thread (Ha. See what we did there?) that just won’t quit. We discuss the SyFy Channel missing the mark on their “Who’s Your Daddy” Marathon promotion. Also, a New Zealand jockey that falls from his horse, doesn’t brush himself off and, yet, wins the race. How on Earth?

SyFy Channel - Who's Your Daddy?

New Zealand Jockey – How on Earth?




The hat trick episode – the first with FOLLOW-UP! Our Quick Stitches: When an O’possum loses its head and then we dish on the IHOB stunt. The whole cloth starts with another Star Wars reference with Swiss twist – which Reddit then takes off the rails. This Swiss Army versus the Swiss Guard, multitools, and watches all make appearances. And Star Trek references, because REDDIT. And get to know your new favorite Swedish Metal Band – Sabaton. All this and cackles and mumbles thrown in for free.


Steve’s Quick Stitch:

O’possum head?

NextDoor Post about O'possum



Linda’s Quick Stitch:

IHOB? Seriously burgers?




Swiss Army

Swiss Guard


Swiss Army recreates a scene from Star Wars

View post on



Steve deleted most of the first recording, yet we persisted. Quick Stitches: when Buzzfeed changes Nifty’s cover photo, at least one comment is oddly supportive (can’t put a bird on that?!) and Linda drops some knowledge about Mike Tyson’s hobby. The Whole Cloth: the tamest Kilauea drone footage (seriously, there are 200’ fountains of LAVA right over there…just fly over…there…no? O.k.) we get a thoughtful online conversation about eliminating politicians (bipartisan), sorry, not sorry end of days warnings and medical procedure ANALogies (see what we did there?). Who needs geologists?


Huge Kilauea Crater:


Nifty Changes Facebook Cover Photo:

Nifty's Facebook Cover Photo

Taking on Tyson (documentary):



The launch of Epic Threads, the Pilot, the Primo Podcast. We jump right in with hypelocal, hyperactive Nextdoor threads from Richmond, Va. Quick Stitches on dog poop and bolt cutters (hmmm not what you wanna see in the city) – and the Whole Cloth (the longform thread) about sidewalks versus streets in the city. Who wins when shaggy dogs and strollers face off against angry drivers at 20 mph? (It’s not pretty).